Ring Security Ring Bearer Briefcase with Padded Slits to Hold Rings – Ring Bearer Gifts – Wedding Ring Security Case for Kids – Special Agent Ring Bearer Box for Boys Security

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Product Features

  • PERFECT SIZE FOR ANY CHILD: we custom built this ring bearer case to meet the size and proportions of an average child. The high quality aluminum case is light yet sturdy for a boy of any age to carry. RING SECURITY is professionally printed in white on both sides of the aluminum briefcase. Ring Security Box dimensions: 8.5in X 5.5in X 3in
  • HOLDS YOUR RINGS INSIDE: we know everyone designates holding the wedding rings differently. From the best man’s pocket to the bride’s mother. However, in the scenario you want your ring bearer to actually carry down the rings for that picture perfect moment, we’ve designed 2 ring slits in the padded interior center of the ring security case to beautifully present the wedding rings. No ring bearer pillow needed!
  • PICTURE PERFECT MOMENT: just imagine, your special agent ring bearer gets to the front of the wedding aisle, greeted by the handsome best man. Your security agent pops open the briefcase to show off the wedding rings and make the exchange. Boom. Cutest photo opportunity of the century.
  • NO MASTER LOCK – JUST A CLOSING LOOP: suppose something goes wrong and you forget the code. Or better yet, the ring bearer changes the code, and you’re stuck at the front of the aisle looking for the nearest sledgehammer. Yeah, no. We purposely left out a locking mechanism for your sanity. Our simple closing loop will do the trick securely. You’re welcome.
  • RING BEARER GIFTS: whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride, family member, a friend, or someone else, this ring bearer security case will serve perfectly as a gift for your ring bearer. Trust us when we say our RNGBRR products have served thousands of weddings, making the wedding ceremony truly memorable. Check out all of our other RNGBRR products to bundle or buy as a ring security kit.